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What is ShiftRunner?

Established in 2013, Singapore-based ShiftRunner Pte. Ltd. is an entertainment and social awareness company. Its principal activities include the creation of Pandoo Nation, an innovative online virtual world for kids ages 8-12, and Pandoo Foundation, its not-for-profit sister organization that funds and leads outreach efforts in Southeast Asia, including micro-lending programs. The founders of ShiftRunner believe kids can be mobilized through game play to act on behalf of others in need, particularly children in developing countries. ShiftRunner created Pandoo Foundation as a bridge to realize its social ambitions.

What is Pandoo Nation?

Pandoo Nation is the first social gaming platform for preteens that connects game play to causes, giving kids a unique tool to help others and to follow the progress of those they help.

The Pandoo Nation platform coincides with a trend in middle school education in which community service is being baked into the curriculum.

Through its non-profit sister organization, Pandoo Foundation, Pandoo Nation provides young gamers an opportunity to convert their online points into real dollars to support causes in four key areas: financial inclusion (micro-lending), health, education and sports-leadership.

The goal of Pandoo Nation is to “gamify giving,” to provide young people an exciting new way to get involved in community outreach and to make that involvement matter!

What is Pandoo Foundation?

A non-profit sister organization, Pandoo Foundation drives our ambitious social agenda, reinforcing our commitment to make meaningful and measurable changes in the developing countries where we are vested, beginning in Southeast Asia.

Managed by the founders of ShiftRunner and Pandoo Nation, its mission is to challenge, celebrate and assist a new generation of young people to put their values and evolving world view into action, to actively participate in improving the lives of others.

On its own, and with carefully chosen partners, Pandoo Foundation funds and operates development programs in the areas of financial inclusion, education, and health and sanitation. Kids help in this process through game-play missions.

The ethos and ambition of Pandoo Foundation are re-created in the online virtual world, Pandoo Nation, which introduces social concepts to children in a fun way that engages them. The game provides, among other things, a unique “Hero Moment,” in which successful players can choose to contribute to real world projects. Pandoo Foundation provides a “feedback loop” from the field, including stories, video, pictures and updates about families who have received assistance.

Pandoo Foundation is funded primarily from Pandoo Nation subscription revenue. For every membership dollar spent in Pandoo Nation, 20 cents goes directly to Pandoo Foundation or to Pandoo Foundation field partners.

In that way, our organization is unique: It is kid-sponsored, kid-focused and kid-friendly. With Pandoo Nation and Pandoo Foundation, kids change the world one mission at a time.

Pandoo Nation

A virtual game world for kids, that could affect the lives of people in the real world.

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Pandoo Foundation

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